Occupational Therapy Services

So you’ve read a bit all about me and how I work, and you’ve covered the basics in the profile.
The next question is, how do the services work? Let’s take it step by step.




Working Together



1.  Assessment

Our first contact will be by phone to get a background to your child’s story and establish your needs. You do not need a referral to see me, unless you are seeking funding from Medicare -then you need a referral from your doctor or paediatrician.

I’ll make an appointment to meet with you and your child for an assessment. The assessment can be formal or informal and can take up to two hours. We will also have a parent or teacher questionnaire completed prior to your assessment.

Formal assessments are usually undertaken to support funding or to assist in diagnosis. Informal assessment do not follow a set, standard format and involve my observations of your child to identify the things they may have difficulty with.

You can choose either a verbal or written report- our office can advise on the fees for assessment and the report.

2. Working Together

Therapy is usually provided one on one in the clinic or classroom. We also offer telephone or skype consultations.

The packages can be five or ten weeks long, and we can meet weekly or fortnightly depending on your needs.

I have specialist training in the following approaches:

  • The CO-OP approach (Cognitive Orientation for Daily Occupational Performance): This is an evidence based and goal focused approach which is extremely beneficial for children with coordination and planning difficulties.
  • The Alert program for Self-Regulation: This is an excellent starting point for children on the Autism spectrum and children with difficulties with concentration.
  • DIR Floortime: This is a great framework for all children for the development of communication, engagement and play.

3. Review

At the end of each package we will review our progress and decide on our next steps.