Emptying Your Worry Cup

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3 reviews for Emptying Your Worry Cup

  1. Michael

    Wow. I loved this course. Not only is it practical, coming from real world experiences using her expertise, but it’s fun! So clever how she delivers the content!

    • Deanna

      Thanks Michael
      I’m so pleased you enjoyed the program.
      Kind regards

  2. Rachel

    This is the most entertaining course I have ever seen. The tools here I’ll use for a lifetime. A MUST have for every house.

    • Deanna

      Hi Rachel,
      Thank you for you kind words. I’m so glad you enjoyed it and have found it useful.
      Kind regards

  3. Jodi

    I am currently participating in OTTime Kids Therapy’s online course, “Emptying Your Worry Cup”.

    I have found this resource to be such great value, packed with educational content that is easily accessible and presented in a visually-appealing format.

    As a parent of a young boy with BIG emotions and an overflowing worry cup, it has been encouraging to find a resource that unpacks what my child is experiencing so I have greater understanding of what is happening for him and how to help. In Deanna’s gentle and fun presentations comes the reassurance that I am not alone in what can often feel an overwhelmingly difficult daily reality. Even more valuable, is the provision of tools to help us create our own Calm Plan and work towards feeling more in control of our emotions and less overwhelm every day.

    I feel this course is not only useful for helping our children with their worries, but also for healing our own anxiety. I recommend you check it out today!

    P.S. Deanna’s free webinar on “How to create a Calm Plan for your child” was a fantastic additional resource that I really enjoyed – I highly recommend keeping an eye out for/attending any of her future webinars.

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